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Correctional Solutions Group, a Texas based Veteran Owned Small Business, whos managers have over a thirty five year history of high quality innovative correctional management and substance abuse treatment success; CSG Founders are John R. Forren, MHA, (President and Chief Executive Officer) Martin Rickler, MA, PhD., (Senior Vice President) and David L. Stanfield, COO (Chief Operating Officer).

This is the team responsible for being the first contractors to contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons for for-profit secure detention facilities, Community Treatment Centers, the provision of electronic monitoring services. Spanish-language correctional federal halfway houses, and secure juvenile detention facilities.• Additionally they were the first to contract with the California Department of Corrections for Community Residential Treatment Centers and secure detention facilities for Return to Custody offenders• to develop innovative transition programs for Federal Department of Justice Community Relations Service for developmentally-diagnosed offenders.

On the non-profit and governmental side their record includes:• Starting the Substance Abuse Treatment Court (Drug Court) for Santa Barbara Probation Department; Implementing Fighting Back, a countywide anti-drug initiative in Santa Barbara; and starting the first Designated Driver Campaign in the United States.

The principal officers of CSG have been contracting and managing contracts for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Marshals Service, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Community Relations Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, California Department of Corrections, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and various counties in New Mexico and Texas since the 1970's. CSG's owners have been a creative development and management team as executives or principals with Eclectic Communications (ECI), Cornell Companies, Correctional Systems, Inc. (CSI), and The Paladin Group.

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