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  • Personal Physician Prescribed Medication:

    1. Should you arrive with personal medication, the medications will be given to the Medical Staff or placed in the safe until Medical Staff arrive.

    2. Should have a dose scheduled before the arrival of Medical Staff, please notify the Officer and they will assist you.

    3. The bottle must be clearly labeled with the original label intact, no obliteration, name of the prescribing physician, the name of the medication, current date, or last fill date.

    4. The medication must be current - within 90 days of incarceration.

    5. You are permitted to have your medications brought to the facility, provided the above criteria is met.

    6. Please note all medication will be reviewed/approved by the Physician before administering.

  • Narcotics/Suboxone

    1. The above is not provided by the Columbiana County Jail.  Should you arrive on narcotics for pain relief, a comparable non-narcotic substitute will be made per Physician directives.

    2. Suboxone is not prescribed at the Columbiana County Jail. Should you arrive currently under treatment and with your suboxone in your possession, it will be continued per Physician order. Once it is completed, should you still be incarcerated at Columbiana County Jail, it will NOT be renewed.

    3. Suboxone CANNOT BE DROPPED OFF by family for your continued use.

  • Insulin Dependent Diabetics

    1. Should you be an Insulin Dependent Diabetic, please notify the Officer immediately.

    2. There is a glucometer in the Booking area with which to check your blood glucose level.

    3. If you do NOT have your insulin with you, you may call family to bring it to the Jail.

    4. Should you be unable to obtain your insulin, it will be provided by the Medical Department.

  • Pregnant Inmates

    1. Please inform the Booking Officer that you are pregnant immediately.  You will be seen by Medical as soon as possible.

  • Detoxification

    1. Should you arrive under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol and are deemed incoherent or otherwise compromised, you will be sent to emergency for evaluation.  The Medical Department provides a limited detoxification process.

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